Midi Keyboard for dumbies

Thanks to anyone that can help..

So running Ion (legacy) XP version latest EOS update. 

I'm wanting to connect a M Audio Oxygen8 midi keyboard as a submaster, effects wing in addition to the existing fader wing..  I know it's old and probably not the best for the task, but it's what we have..

I've looked through the manual, and I'm simply struggling to understand, what to do other the plug in the MIDI lead..

Have only been involving in lighting for 10 months so I'm still pretty green on the more technical side of the software..

Thanks again..

  • if you want to do it without a 3rd device have a look in the ShowControl tab. create a new eventlist, type network. withinthis evenlist create an event for each fader/button you want to map. assign the respective MIDI string and an action.

    you can also use luminosus as companion app. Oxygen via MIDI and USB to Mac/PC and from there via network to the console. this gives you a graphical interface to map faders and mbuttons to eos functions: luminosus.org

  • Thanks for quick reply..

    Not knowing enough about MIDi strings. Or how to assign them I think I'll definitely take a look at luminous..

    I think the sound guy has a midi to usb convertor to connect to PC.. 

    I little further reading is required before I can control through show control.. but I'll give it a go..