User Specific OSC

I was asked to develop a sensor package to allow a console operator to have realtime feedback of a remote device  I've settled on OSC because it allows me to push both a numeric measurement value and error messages.  I'm struggling a bit with formatting my osc message.  to be able to display arbitrary OSC text on an EOS Magic Sheet, I'm using dummy beam pallets and updating the label for them once a second.  

/eos/set/bp/x/label=xyz is working great

But I'd love to be able to force that to user 0, or a specific user.  in testing, when i'm sending that many OSC messages as the active user I have some trouble with the CIA disappearing when saving or exiting because the OSC label command is taking priority.

/eos/user/0/set/bp/x/label=xyz doesn't work, it just selects the beam pallet, and doesn't label it.

  • couldn't you just send text to an OSC address and have a command field in magic sheet display said address?

    and regarding user change: you could send the user change once: /eos/user=5 . for this session all your OSC commands (unless told differently) will be received by user 5.

  • Thank You for the quick response,

    Sending /eos/user=5 certainly works to change for the session, I can include it in the boot of my sensor devices, but... I have a feeling as the show powers up they will boot well before the consoles. I also don't want my devices to dictate the general user of the OSC session as i'm sure that the network will also have MLA, Remotes, and other things sending OSC as well that are not under my domain.

    Is there a macro I can fire to change the OSC user?  I tried using local OSC command  on a magic sheet, but it didn't seem to adjust the network OSC messages.

    To your first point, I wasn't sucessful testing with magic sheet OSC elements that weren't using native EOS OSC.  Is there a syntax that you suggest?  

    Ideally I'd like to display a text value being sent on /sensors//temperature/device/<id>/<value> or similar.

    I settled on naming dummy pallets over setting levels on dummy subs or channels because it easily let me show negative values and error messages.

  • just tried sending custom strings from touchOSC to a magic sheet and it does work.

    in my touchOSC layout there is a button that sends either 1 or 0 to /ueli/signal1. and in my magic sheet i have a command object that is listening to /ueli/signal1. it shows either 1 or 0 depending of the touchOSC button is pressed or not

  • Hmmm,

    I'll have to try with touch OSC.  I have not been able to get this to work with Luminosus for testing.

  • Touch OSC is sending Floats, Luminosus is sending strings.  Incoming Magic Sheets OSC elements seem to work with floats but not with strings, so no text characters.

    I think I can work with that