Using QLab to control Eos/EtcNomad

I'm a theatre teacher at a junior high and am just starting to dabble into the lighting world. I have a show next season that I know I'll want very specific lighting changes as audio plays. I've always heard QLab is great for this. 

A few things:

1. I can't afford anything but the free version. 

2. I have the etc eos nomad educational package. It is fully updated. 


1. Is the free version enough for me? I definitely can't afford the a full version. 

2. Is there another program that will play audio and light cues simultaneously? 

3. How can I get Qlab to control my eos cues? I've read a lot of tutorials but they are very much over my head. Anyone that can dumb it down? I see a lot about OSC but get lost in the technicality of that very quickly. 

Any tips, tricks, or advice anyone has to help me run eos nomad with a program that can play the songs for the musical would be amazing.