OSC for Eos, QLab, Lightwright, and Cue View

I am trying to set up our system to allow for directors, designers, and stage management to see the cue list for both Eos (on an Ion) and QLab 4 at the same time with a Windows/Mac application called Cue View, the application requires Eos to be set to OSC 1.1 (SLIP) and works great... except we also use the console link feature in Lightwright a good bit and that requires Eos to be set to OSC 1.0 (packet length headers).

I found a few post on here where people have had similar issues, and the answer always seems to be "Use OSCRouter" but nobody has provided any instructions on guidence on what or how to use OSC router to fix the problem so....does anyone know how to set up OSCRouter to convert OSC 1.0 to OSC 1.1 or OSC 1.1 to OSC 1.0 so that the booth/designer's computer can get the flavor of OSC it needs (1.0), and the house/backstage computers can get the flavor of OSC they need (1.1)?

For what is it worth we also use Shift-Patch and Shift-Label on iPad, but they seem to play well with both versions of OSC.