using element as nomad faderwing?

Hey there,

sounds crazy but... I would like to use an element 40/250 as a kind of faderwing.

The reason why... Since EOS Open Beta 3.0 was released, I started working on a new busking showfile. Last two weeks I programmed it in many hours and now it works really great.

Next monday I'm at a venue with an element 40 in it. I am not able to use my showfile in element mode because it is a v3 showfile and has more that 250 channels in it. It would be a waste to not use the 40 Fader of the element for busking. I'm only using a midi-faderwing with freaking 8 fader, 16 buttons and 8 encodern. 40 faders and 40 buttons would help me a lot.

I tried to use sACN input. It works with subs but if a fader is not a sub it doesn't (e.g. pallets or global fx fader)

Does anybody know a way to use element as a kind of faderwing?



P.S. There are a few other posts asking a nearly similar question but it did not fit to my case.