Non-Sequential playback?

I'm running a show in a few weeks on an ion (v 2.9) where every once and a while a poll is opened and the audience votes on what the characters should do next, kind of like a choose your own adventure book. Of course, that means that we can't just record a cue list and press go. Has anyone had to run something like this before?

Over the past week I have been prototyping a control system which uses macros to enable and disable subs bound to macros that fire go to cue commands, but macros don't appear to be super reliable (or maybe I'm just using them wrong). Surely there is a better way to do what I want to do?

Any advice appreciated!



  • How about setting up the differnet looks that you would have put in cues into presets.

    And then have a magic sheet(or Direct select) that you just click on  the looks you want when you want them.  (using sneak or a Man time fader to control trnasitions).

    If its more structured then just record multiple cue lists and playback the cue list for the wya the plot forked.

  • We are sort of leaning towards multiple cue lists, however, within each main choice there are a bunch of sub-choices the audience can make as well. Therefore there would still be jumping in the cue lists, or we have about 1 cue list for every choice (bringing use to about 40 or so).

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