How to trigger macro's on other moment then 50%

Hi there,

is there a possibility that a macro starts at another moment then when the sACN-number hits 50%? Now the macro for position is triggered when my T1's are already at 50% intensity and so it shows (real ugly).

I would like the position to change at the start, so when the intesity is still at 1%. In the manuel it says that every event is trigged at 50%, but I'm hoping for a loophole here.


  • i can't help with the actual question, but what are you trying to achieve? what's the bigger picture?

  • Show comes in, guest tech needs couple of specials. ''m trying to make the specials with one ROBE T1. Guest tech has four specials on his channel 1-4.

    So I would like to have the T1 as one special on sACN 101 (intens/color) and 102 (position/beam etc), another special on sACN103 (intens/color) and 104 (position/beam etc.) and so on.

    I have already split the intensity and color to one sACN-adress and the position to another. So intensity and color are controlled by on sub/fader via sACN and the position/beam/etc on another sub, trigged via a macro by sACN. (see my last post a month ago)


    Event 101 : sACN 101 Action sub 101 fader. (=intensity+color for special 1)

    Event 102; sACN 102 Action macro 31 (=position/beam/etc for special 1)\

    Event 103 : sACN 103 Action sub 102 fader. (=intensity+color for special 2)

    Event 104; sACN 104 Action macro 32 (=position/beam/etc for special 2)

    The guestdesk patches 101-102 to his channel 1 and 103-104 to his channel 2 and sends out DMX by sACN.

    The T1 fades from special 1 to 2 in say 10 sec.

    Intensity and color will reach 50% (or change) in 5 sec and be visible.

    Position will NOT change until DMX hits 50% en then starts to change position/shape/etc.

    And if the intensity of his channel never exceeds the 50% (sy from 30% to 40%) there will be no change at all.

    I'm sure it must be possible, or so it should be, but I'm out of options right now.

    Does this make any sense? Thanks!