OSC questions and feature requests

While writing a new #lighthack library some quwstions and feature requests came up:

- Shift button, I tried to create a 'real' Shift Key to control Fine mode on encoders but nothing happens !
Is this behavior intended or a bug? The Key is seen on on Tab99 but it does not work like on a real console.

- Parameter controls, OSC cmd '/eos/param/<parameter>' allows some actions like 'home', 'min', 'max' ....
It would nice if this actions will also available for wheel messages like
'/eos/wheel/<parameter>/home' or '/eos/wheel/<index>/min'

- User, If I fire a macro like '/eos/user/0/macro' with User 0 (background) all following actions on encoder does not work.
Does changing the user inside a command set the user also for the following commands?
I would expect that only '/eos/user=x' will change the user for all following commands.

- EOS output, can you add the encoder category to '/eos/out/param/<param>' ?

- native support for Teensy 3.x and 4.x (it is on the list for 3.x), a new Teensy 4.1 is on the way