Nomad and Qlab on same Macbook

Please could some point me in the right direction. I'm needing/ wanting step by step guide on how to trigger my cues using to timecode from qlab. (I'm wanting to time it with a song, rather than me manually pressing go in time, just wanting the one go at start with song). 

(I havent sucessfully got Nomad and Qlab to speak to each as far as Im aware, I approach this trying OSC commands.

I have rented a license on qlab and I have nomad (without dongle) hooked up to capture student all on one macbook pro.

I am yet to start level 3 on the online course, so I understand I'm jumping ahead (I havent learn macros yet for example) 

Many thanks in advance !!


  • Hello.

    first question is whether you want qlab to send out timecode into eos (which I think is a bit complicated over the network), or just to trigger the start of a sequence in eos. I usually do the latter.

    For this you need to:

    1/ in eos - Settings -> System -> Show Control -> OSC set "OSC rx" to 'enabled' and "OSC USP RX Port" to "9000"

    2/ in qlab create a new network patch going to the IP of your console with port 9000

    3/ record a cue in eos, let's call it cue 1

    4/ in qlab, create a network cue, set the patch to the network patch you created in step 2, and give it a type of "OSC message", in the big box enter "/eos/cue/1/fire" - when you run this cue you should see cue 1 being fired on your console. If you change the number "1" in the message to other numbers, you should see the corresponding cue in eos fire.

    So once you have this working you have two options - one is to create a number of network cues as per step 4 above, which you pre-wait (or use a timeline group cue) to fire at the correct point in the show. The other option is to use eos's "show control" screen (displays -> show control) to set up an event list which is fired by your first cue in the sequence. If you want some help with either of these let me know..


  • Hi Richard

    i know this post was a while ago, but do you have screenshots of the Mac/qLab/EOS OSC sample Q’s and setup, I think I’m missing something 



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