Using a Smart fade console as fader wing via MIDI with Nomad?

As the subject line says, I am currently using an APC MK II MIDI controller and have really enjoyed using it, but would also like to try and use a 24/96 Smart Fade as a fader wing.  I haven't had too many issues using the APC, but was unsure of how to use two devices for MIDI at the same time.  Is this possible?

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  • Conor, any luck on this?

    I've made myself unpopular with my students by whisking away the Smartfade 2496 and plunking down a MacMini with Eos software and a Nomad providing DMX control.

    They aren't happy about learning a ton of keyboard shortcuts / altering faders using mouseclicks and drags.

    If I could utilize the physical faders and bump buttons on the 2496 to communicate to the Eos software on the Mac, that'd be fantastic.

    I've read the manual for the 2496 and it discusses using a "sequencer" to record midi output from the 2496, but it is unclear to me whether the Eos on the Mac can be classified as a sequencer.

    Obviously a cable that is USB to Midi would be helpful.  But before I go that route, I'd like to know whether there is any likelihood of joy.