Behringer X-Touch not responding.

I am running Luminosus and Nomad running on the same computer. EOS on the Nomad is responding to the blocks in Luminosus when controlled on the PC.  I have a Korg Nano and it is able to connect and map to Luminosus.  I am able to control both buttons and faders using the Korg Nano.  I then try to connect a Behringer X-Touch Compact. I have used the X-Touch editor to turn off the touch feature of the X-Touch.  Luminosus sees the X-touch in the Midi Device tab, but it does not show any midi activity using the midi monitor.  I have verified that the X-touch is actually sending Midi data using an external midi monitor.  The driver shows up in device manager in the audio device section and the driver is working normally according to Windows.

Environment is an Intel NUC running and I5-83nn with 16 G memory.

USB ports are all responding except for the Behringer.

Any ideas?