QLab from EOS is skipping cues

Pretty much what the title says. I am working on an Ion, firing sound through QLab, linked over OSC. However, the lights are firing correctly every night but a random sound cue is getting skipped each night. All of the settings look correct to me, and I can't figure for the life of me why it's a different cue every night. My mate there had swapped out all the hardware incase it was a bad connection, but it's still misbehaving even with a new switch, cables, and control computer. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: Working on getting some information from my mate there. I'm going in later and will update. Sorry for the delay.

  • So I went in, used your advices and stuff from a few other forums and friends, and there were certainly some issues with how it was set up - subnet issues, gateways etc. Fixed them all, and a new issue manifested. So I'm erring closer and closer to either bad hardware (it's an old Trashcan, and my sound guy says it's been playing up, so that could well be it), or a bad operator - they aren't experienced with EOS and I don't entirely trust they aren't just missing cues or double-tapping.

    Thanks for your help, all.

  • don't forget that you can always pull logfile to help you diagnose things. you would see when cues were fired, but by default OSC strings don't log.

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