Using MIDI controller and luminosus to control Nomad


I am fairly new to ETC. I have bought a student package Gadget II with dongle that has two universes opened. I have learned to program quite well in it and now I am interested in learning about using MIDI controller through Luminosus software to control my Nomad software. I have a Korg Nanokontrol studio MIDI controller and I would like to make myself a Luminosus preset and use MIDI controller as a wing.

I understand how luminous works, how to assign MIDI notes to buttons, channels etc. I even know how to assign preset EOS buttons to MIDI controller ones using "learn" option.

But there are some cases which require higher skill. For example if I add a preset fader it works only pan or only tilt, depending on which description I put on top of it. Korg nanokontrol studio has one encoder that works but can I make encoder and a button that switches pan/tilt for it ?!

Where do  i start to learn best about it?

Thank you!

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