Etc Element (v 3.0) & Go button app on iPad sends OSC command for every cue

So I have an Element board running the latest version of EOS (v3.02), I am also using Qlab's Go Button app on my iPad to run sound effects, I have a HIT/cue that is thunder, that I want to tie into a lighting cue, so I want the board to trigger the app via OSC. I've followed the documentation and I can get it to kinda work.. .sorta. a few things I don't understand is... 

  1. I have to put in my iPad's specific IP address, I thought OSC could broadcast on UDP, this would be preferable, because there a chance that my iPad could get a different IP address, as it's not always connected to the router ( as I take it home to work on cues, etc)
  2. Once I get that work, and I again follow the instructions to add sending the OSC command on a cue, it seems to do it for ever subsequent cue, so my Cue is getting re-started every time. 
    1. a couple setup notes
      1. the cue has a follow of several other cues)
      2. thought there was something else, but can't remember will update if I think of it. 
  • 1. you can use broadcast addresses in the OSC TX IP Address in setup, e.g.

    two problems with that:

    1. a router shouldn't forward those, but you should get it to work with an access point.
    2. the broadcast address means it will send the OSC message to every network device with an IP starting with 10.101. ... this is a lot of potential spamming...

    2. i suspect you used Cue 9 Execute OSC_Cue_TX_String. that's not the setting you want, this affects the whole cuelist. you're looking for Cue 9 Execute String