OSC Encoder to simulate Console Encoders

Hello All, 

Is there a way to emulate a console's encoders through OSC that isn't via the '/eos/active/wheel/<number>'?

I'm quite aware that encoders have been a discussed topic throughout the OSC community but I'm here to share a few more discussion points.

Point One
You can trigger encoder category (focus, form, colour, etc) via OSC, meaning you can cycle through the various parameters within a console CIA - Meaning I can, in theory, mimic a face panel layout with four encoders and six category buttons. However, EOS solution to active wheels is making 10 encoders and having them 'switch/page up & down' through the active encoders. The problem with the solution above is the first 10 encoders will swap parameters from fixture type to fixture type. This just causes a messy OSC panel and a headache when all I want to do is mimic a face panel layout of the consoles I use for work on my personal Nomad system. 

Point Two
ETC/High End Systems Hog4 also supports OSC and MIDI encoder communication. In Hog4 you can design an OSC Layout of five encoders and have those encoders mimic a console exactly. You can change the current parameters to those five encoders and it will update and affect the newly available parameters. Can this way of programming be ported/copied to EOS OSC

Point Three
With the new release of TouchOSC, you now have the ability to use LUA code. I don't know the first step to programming, but would there be a way to create an OSC Encoder that uses LUA code to subscribe to an EOS Hardware encoder? In theory, it bypasses the current 'active wheel' conundrum that is the current OSC workaround.

I can understand if EOS doesn't want to make third party control perfect - it could lower potential income if people are happy running EOS off a computer and an Ipad over a fully unlocked expensive console. Trust me, if I had the income to support a console as an investment I would! Please take this encoder idea/problem as a step forward and not backwards.

Thanks for listening to my ted talk haha.
- Jack