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I'm using NOMAD with a DMXKing Ultradmx2Pro interface. At my last show NOMAD simply stopped seeing the device.

I'm not aware of any updates or other changes that might have precipitated this, but clearly something changed SOMEWHERE.

The interface works as expected with another control program so the mystery is within NOMAD or Windows 10 or, or, or . . .

I'm pretty sure I watched a video some months back that guided set up, but cannot find what I watched; My searches on the subject have been largely fruitless.

THANK YOU for assisting, those who can - direction to articles I have missed or simply your input would be greatly appreciated !

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  • Are you connecting it by Ethernet or USB,  I think you can do both.    USB on windows is always a bit iffy,  so suggest you connect ethernet if you can (and that also means you can have Nomads and the DMX interface a long way apart ie front of house and stage).

    If you are using it on Ethernet and its not working, give us a bit more details and I should be able to help as I use DMX King interfaces on my setup.  If you run the DMXKing configuration utility does it see the Ultradmx2Pro. 


    This is indeed over etheret.  I in fact looked harder and found that while I had Artnet enabled in the shell it somehow was not selected in patch. Apparently the DMXking UltraDMX2Pro relies more on Artmet than sACN?  I adjusted in patch (selectiing (channels) INterface/ then selecting DMX, sACN and Artnet) , restarted Nomad and the device is perking away.

    ??? Could that actually have done it, or did I simply get lucky ???

    Since I last posted I kicked out the 200 bux and bought ETC's Gadget, since it runs ONLY on USB (??), surmising that since they designed and manufactured it that it might have some extra built in safeguards.

    THANK YOU for reaching out and assisting !
    BTW, I thought there was a box to check someplace  for "run thru dmx", but I can no longer find it

  • It does work with both sACN and artnet.  But within Nomads you can turn each of them on and off both at the individual channel patch as well as globally through the settings button and network tab on the startup shell panel (the one back where you pick Offline,  Primary etc before you the main app opens.   In that settings dialogue you get to say with sACN is on or not.  So it might have been off.  Also universe numbering can sometimes catch you out,  by being off by 1, and also if you have both wifi active and a ethernet adaptor you can find that its talking on the wrong one.   So mostly turn off wifi when you start (assuming you are not using it to connect to the network where the dmxking is - that's not recommended but works if a decent connection exists and low count of universes etc).

    Generally found using the dmxkings very robust certainly from mac,  you can pull the ethernet cable out mid show and when you plug it in again the rig is all back on line and the dmxking held the dmx signal up to the rig while no network connection and you can even snapshot the scene to the memory in demxking so on power on it brings everything up to some useful setting,