DMX interface Shell game


I'm using NOMAD with a DMXKing Ultradmx2Pro interface. At my last show NOMAD simply stopped seeing the device.

I'm not aware of any updates or other changes that might have precipitated this, but clearly something changed SOMEWHERE.

The interface works as expected with another control program so the mystery is within NOMAD or Windows 10 or, or, or . . .

I'm pretty sure I watched a video some months back that guided set up, but cannot find what I watched; My searches on the subject have been largely fruitless.

THANK YOU for assisting, those who can - direction to articles I have missed or simply your input would be greatly appreciated !

T Learned

  • Are you connecting it by Ethernet or USB,  I think you can do both.    USB on windows is always a bit iffy,  so suggest you connect ethernet if you can (and that also means you can have Nomads and the DMX interface a long way apart ie front of house and stage).

    If you are using it on Ethernet and its not working, give us a bit more details and I should be able to help as I use DMX King interfaces on my setup.  If you run the DMXKing configuration utility does it see the Ultradmx2Pro.