Basic Timecode show. Midi?

Hi we are in summerbreak and wanted to try a basic timecode lightshow (Music from a Laptop - press play - lightshow starts)

i have an Eos Ti - i know how to programm cues etc. all clear. 

what's the easiest way to get timecode into the console?


  • Well... the first question we have to ask is what are you using to generate timecode?

    In any case you'll need a gateway of some type... either Midi or SMPTE...

    Though maybe I can ask a different question of is Timecode the best/easiest choice for you or is a udp or osc option better?

    So... the easiest way is via a gateway... depending on what you're using for playback there could be any number of answers...

    I might suggest a watch of this excellent learning stage series on Show Control. It's a long one, but awesome.

    Eos Family Show Control Series - Remote Triggers

  • Depending on the hardware generation of your Ti you have Midi input on board. If you don't there are ETC gateways you can connect through USB or network. And last but not least you can also use 3rd party USB-Midi adapters if they don't require additional drivers (e.g. Roland UM-One).

  • Well for now the only thing i have is basic USB to Midi adapter. 
    The Eos Ti has an internal Midi in- and output on the back. 

  • I'm trying to run my cues via Reaper on my Eos Ti. 

    It's connected via Midi (on the back of the Console) to USB. It's a really cheap USB to Midi which has no extra driver. 
    In Reaper i can see the Midi Adapter and it's selected. 

    I have both Midi in- and out plugged in my console? Right?

    On show control on my console i have 1 Event with:

    - Type: MIDI

    - Source: 1

    - Intern: off

    - Extern: on (because the timing is coming from an extern source right?)

    - start: 00:00:00:00

    - end: 23:59:59:29

    fps: 30

    Status is in green: 00:00:00:00 (int off).

    Is that the right configuration? 

    in my Show control setup Midi is turned on and i've not touched any of the setups but for me everything logical is turned on. 

    I just want to run my cues on a normal track. Basic Timecode show. 

    where can be my mistake? 

  • Reaper needs to be sending MTC (MIDI Time Code) for the scenario you're describing.  Does the MIDI output device you're using have any diagnostics to show it's transmitting, or do you have any way to confirm MTC output from your computer+MIDI device?

    You need to have MTC Midi Timecode RX enabled in Setup > System >Show Control.  (If it isn't, your Tab 11 Show Control will show "TC Disabled").  You also should have Network: MIDI Rx Source ID set to 1 since that is what you've set on your Event List 1.

    In your Event List, you'll need to have Midi specified and External ON (it sounds like it already is).

    Even with no events, you should see the clock moving if Eos is receiving Time code.

  • VEZER.. easy and powerful ; you can add OSC flag in your audio track inside VEZER , and send OSC on your eos. Only for Mac.