Ordering a Millumin argument as a channel to dim the opacity of a layer with OSC commands

We use a videoprojector as a light source.

To dim it, we use a video software called Millumin. The software send a full white frame as a layer and we want to command the opacity of it. The opacity is managed as an argument from 0 to 100%.

We can fired an OSC command to have a pourcentage of this argument but we would like to use it as a Channel on a fader or else.

Have you ever done this with OSC commands ?

Maybe should we use another third software (Luminosus) to map an EOS fader that command this parameter in our video software ?

Thanks for all

  • i don't think you will be able to have a channel send OSC values. also Eos doesn't send channel values through OSC, so luminosus (or whatever software you decide to use) would need to listen to something else. maybe a sub, a fader or an sACN value (but i don't know if luminosus can do that).

  • Millumin 3 allows interactions via ArtNet or sACN. Also most DMX USB Interfaces should work.