Bug report v3.1.3 : OSC command "encoder_category_custom" seems not to work

Hi all, It seems that the OSC command "encoder_category_custom" does not work in Eos 3.1.3. Could someone check this please? And if it is the case, is there a place in this forum to do bug reports ?

  • I have reproduced this bug.  I think it stems from the change in v3.1.0 to replace the Custom key with a Focus key so that Custom could be repurposed for Custom Encoder mapping.  Our documentation didn't keep up with those changes, unfortunately.

    In v2.9.x and 3.0.x, /eos/key/encoder_category_custom would put the console into the Focus category anyway, so I would replace that command with /eos/key/encoder_category_focus (which is also supported in v2.9.x).

    There is an additional command of /eos/key/encoder_custom in v3.1+ to enable / enable Custom encoder mapping.  That feature is described here: Custom Encoder Maps  I will see about getting this command documented since I don't see it currently listed in this list: Eos OSC Keys

  • Hi Matt, thank you very much for this exhaustive answer. I am working on the latest version of Eos (3.1.3) so "/eos/key/encoder_custom" was what I was looking for and it works perfectly.

  • Hi Matt,
    In the use I have of it, the toggle behaviour of the /eos/key/encoder_custom OSC command does not seem sufficient and the possibility to add an argument (integer 1 or 0) to activate/deactivate it would be a great thing. Do you think this would be possible for a future version?