#lighthack OSC encoder not talking to EOS Element 2 console.

So we are trying to get his box hooked up to our Element board. Plug it into the USB port and it fires up, but is in "waiting" mode. Have the settings setup for OSC VIA USB enabled. Anyone have ideas on how to connect it/



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  • I'm not sure. The instructions said to install the drivers in admin mode if it didn't connect right away. But with the new firmware, the logout function seems to have changed to maybe a different menu?  I didn't see any diagnostics that came up. I'm fishing here quite a bit. My friend that built it for me made up a program to connect to his computer and it makes the computer look like an element 2. When he plugged in the unit, it fired up and you could see ran, tilt etc. But pluging into the board at he theater is nothing currently.