Light "Popping On" Patch Issue?

I have a light that is "popping on", as in acting like it has a relay module in it. It doesn't. And when I run it by just address it works just fine. It is a standard Source4 750w light. I am running a ETC Ion. I checked if it has a curve patched in and it does not. Don't know if it is related but it does have a scroller on it patched to the same channel, different address in a second universe. There are multiple of these lights with these scrollers and this is the only one doing it. It appears to be the same profile in the patch as the others. At least as far as I can tell. Let me know if there is anything else that could cause this that I may have missed. Thank you.

  • At what intensity level does it „pop“ on? At 1% ? at 10%? at 51%? Does it then pop on to 100% output? Select the channel and slowly roll its instensity up manually on the intensity wheel watching the displayed intensity % om Ion and the real light output on stage. Once you see it pop on on the stage, then see what intensity % level the Ion has it has 

    What dimmer Rack do uou have? Most dimming Racks allow settings like dimmer curves or turn on level to create this pop-on look.