Issue with importing and creating timecode cues from CSV file.

SO, an interesting issue that doesn't seem to fit within the documented behaviour of Eos.

Programming lights for a dance show, about 200 cues, all timecoded. I had a cue sheet with timecodes on it for each cue so I created a CSV file to import into Eos with the Timecode events and matching cues in the CSV file. Import the file and everything seems to work fine, the cues and timecode events are there, when I run timecode the cues fire correctly. The only issue is that the timecode column in the PSD window is empty. Tried doing Cue 1/ Execute Timecode <enter> and Cue 1/ Execute Timecode 1 <enter> to re-assign the cue list to the event list but no change. The only thing that made it work was to manually reassign each event to the cue it was already assigned to (Event 1/1 Action Cue 1 <enter> etc). Doing this for almost 200 cues is a right pain so I ended us using AppleScript and Nomad to automate this task.

Is this expected behaviour, something I messed up, or a bug? I'm happy to provide show files and the CSV file I used for import if that would be helpful.


// Robb