OSC List Convention (Suspected Bug Report)

Hi all,

Running 3.2.5 Build 13

I'm running into a frustration with Eos's OSC List Convention output. Namely surrounding one longer macro.

By my understanding, for long messages Eos splits the datagram up, and the message address provides the details about how many OSC arguments to expect in total for the target and which argument the particular message starts at. This has seemed to be the case in every situation I've tried so far. However, I have a very long macro which seems to break it. The second packet which should contain the rest of the macro just has the same string as the first packet, followed by the very last line of the macro, and as a result I'm losing half the data in it. Screenshots below:

Macro in question:

I receive everything from the start up until the final Intens Capture twice. The hole in my data starts at the "Sneak #" command. That and all of the cue commands are missing, but I do receive the final "Clear_Cmd Live" line as the final argument of the second "text" message

OSC output in Tab 99 (identical to what I'm seeing in my server output)