MIDI to qLab problem.

Having an issue.  On my Nomad I have a main cue list (#1) and a midi cue list (99). The midi list is set to send MSC and does. In the main list I have cue 5, I select {execute}>CUE> 99/12 (enter).

From cue 4 I hit GO and cue 5 fires, but nothing happens on the midi cue. But, if I use GO TO CUE 5 or from cue 6 I hit the back button, cue 5 fires as expected and cue 99/12 also fires sending the MSC and firing cue 12 on my qLab. 

I'm on the very latest Eos version 3.2.6 and qLab 5, tab 99 shows no midi message using GO, but does show a midi message in the other situations.

What am I doing wrong?

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