Use manual commands while OSC input is active

Good morning

I'm experimenting with OSC input for receiving intensity or color values for specific fixtures from external sources (e.g. RGB values from video or audio level). That works pretty good!

But I noticed that every time an OSC command is coming in, it clears my manual prompt. For example: with OSC coming every 2 s, I'm currently typing Chan 2 @... and if the input has arrived before I press Enter, the prompt gets deleted. Not saying of course when my OSC stream is much faster.

Is there here a workaround to work with both inputs in parallel or should I start building an external command line that controls EOS over OSC? :-(

Thanks for your advices!


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  • Are you attempting to have the user 1 channel selection mirrored to user 2 so that the osc commands feed user 2 while basing the channel selection on user 1?  It is a bit unclear what you are hoping to have on your command line.  

    Each user has their own command line that feeds changed into the manual values and stage that all users can see.  Each user gets their own channel selection.

    Please elaborate on what you want it to do so we can help advise.

  • Yes somehow like that. I have standard manual channel selection & settings (for now while rehearsing), while intensity & colors of some fixtures are controlled by an external app sending OSC.

    Currently I always have to first stop the OSC flow to make manual changes. I can imagine that on production, everything will be controlled by OSC, but we are far from that yet ;-)

    Do you mean I should assign the OSC-fixtures to user 2 and keep the others for user 1? Or can I share channels?

  • you can "share" channels but user 2 won't follow your channel selection.  If you are doing channel selection and action over osc then the osc stuff will all happen without user intervention.  If you need to choose the channel for osc to interact with then the separate user is more complicated.

    I would suggest having osc controlling channel selection and action for those lights it will affect. 

    This will allow you to select and control any fixture you want while user 2 takes care of the osc fixture control.