Is it possible to cause Element or any EOS console to automatically turn off or reset all parked channels when opening a different show?
Also is it possible to disable the ability to park channels at all?
Sure can't wait for user passwords to be implemented. Got called to church because they could not get certain fixturrs to go color. It was last minute so by the time I found out they were parked service already started and I had to wing it.
Somebody not trained must have parked them. Without being able to control who can use the console anyone can run it. Aaaarrrrrggggg

  • This is yonks old but exactly what happened to me recently (Oct 2020). Spent a most frustrating hour on phone with guy programming Element 2 at theater who was having all sorts of weird things going on. You guessed it. He had somehow parked most of the fixtures! I don't think I saw an answer to your question though.

  • Well, you could check the box to "Yes include the Park Buffer" when you load a new show, that will bring the saved show's Park state in and overwrite whatever is presently in the Park buffer.