New Configurations for X-Keys with v2.3

Hello all,

Eos version 2.3 included substantial changes to the hotkeys. Accordingly, we posted updated configurations for the 58-key and 60-key X-Key devices (SE, MWII, MW3). 

You can download these new configurations on the "Other Downloads" section on each Eos Family product page (link below)

X-Keys are made by PI Engineering - their website and configuration software can be found here:


A note about the XK60 - this is a backlit keypad (in blue or red).  We've set this up so the layer function toggles to the "red" layer.  We've also placed in stock die-cut labels for this layout, with the text color suppressed for the inactive layer, while highlighting the text for the active layer. You can order these from ETC Inc for no charge.  The part number is  4250A4067, and you can email to place your order.  


6/14/17 --- edit from AV:    If you are in America, you can order the die-cut labels from the Swag store

If you are not in America, you can order these labels from your ETC distributor/dealer. 



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