Programming Wing Firmware

I am beta testing Nomad 2.4 (currently on build 142) using one of the Eos programming wings.  I noticed that there was a new firmware update for the Eos Playback Master came with the software, version  Upon upgrading said firmware, the master playback and it's controls no longer respond (and all of the playback modifier keys are lit up, top four are green, rest are red).  The shell reported that the upgrade was successful and the logs confirm that the firmware was successful.  However, it appears that Nomad no longer detects the playback section of the programming wing, as the Playback tab no longer appears in the Peripheral Test application.  My computer also shows a new drive named BOOTLOADER with a single file, a blank text document named READY.

I guess my question is this: is there a way to rollback the firmware on the playback wing independent of the Nomad software?

I am currently running the Nomad software on a PC running on Windows 10.

Thank you.

  • Hello!

    Could you please give technical support a call for help reloading firmware as appropriate?

    Thank you,
  • Definitely give Tech Services a call as Sasha suggests. I'll keep this post on the regular Eos Family forum as the details are not necessarily beta-focused. The update process can be confusing. 

    For anyone who sees this in the future - it's important to do the following:

    • Update firmware on your devices one at a time.
    • If you're on a console, you need to reboot the console between each update. 
    • If you're using a peripheral like a motor fader wing or programming wing, after the update, unplug it from power for a few seconds and plug it back in.

    If you do have a component that doesn't work after the update, give Tech Services a call. Very often we can get it fixed with you over the phone. 

  • The same has happened to me. How did you solve it? It would be good to put here the procedure to correct the problem but above all that ETC finds a solution so that no one else has to be in this situation. 

    What are the steps that need to be done to make the playback master work again?

    Thank you.

  • A call to tech services is usually the best solution as there may be other reasons for the problem. Generally this is caused by not fully re-booting/power cycling the device in between firmware updates as Hans states above.
    I note that you are based in Spain, we have had a request from your local ETC dealer, (Stonex) for a solution to a wing which has got into this state. I assume that would be you. Please do get in touch with them again as they now have instructions on how to reload the firmware into your wing, alternatively contact tech service directly at ETC in London:
    +44 (0)208 896 100


  • Hi.
    Thanks Grahan. Solved, thanks to the excellent technical support of ETC lighting Stonex (Juan Carlos Pascual), thank you for your patience and professionalism.