MacBook Pro Touch Bar Custom Configuration

I've been an avid etcNomad user for years and recently found the application BetterTouchTool which allows for custom gestures and macOS tweaks.

I've used it to better hone in my trackpad for fine adjustments in ML Controls, window snapping & quick gestures on the trackpad for GO, Stop/Back, Shift+Update & other functions.

One of their most recent updates included to ability to make custom Touch Bars for applications and the OS as a whole.

Last month I built myself a custom config for etcNomad and was wondering if any of you have done the same and what cool things you have done to speed up workflow  and such.

I've attached some screenshots of what I have so far and want your opinions on my config.


Main Bar: 

"Record..." Bar: 

"Targets..." Bar: 

"Modifiers..." Bar: 

"Soft Keys..." Bar:   

"Select..." Bar 

Contextual Bar (Holding "⌘" Key): 

Shift Bar (Holding "Shift" Key):