Feature request: MS object selection in editor respects border of object

I have hundreds of Magic Sheet objects and they are crammed very tightly together. When editing the MS and selecting multiple objects, the selection of an object doesn't respect the border of the object so I keep selecting or deselecting the wrong object because the selection rectangles overlap.

When first selecting a MS object, it behaves fine.

What I would like to see is that when Control or Shift are held down, selection or deselection is confined only to the actual border of the object and not the area within the drag handles.

  • In current software, you can hold the Alt key while clicking on the objects and it will cycle through any objects that are at the current selection point.
    I'll pass along the feature request as well.
  • Just checking if you tried this.
    When you select right to left the selection border will select everything it hits. When selecting left to right it only selects everything that is fully in the selection box. This works in edit and live modes of the MS.
  • Bart: Yes, I tried that, but thanks anyway.
    Hans: Thanks
  • I know this is an old post but it showed up in that little Related section below.

    The REAL solution to this is something that magic sheets are sorely lacking, something that every graphics program has that is integral to its functionality. LAYERS! Layers would solve so many of the headaches involved in designing dense magic sheets. If magic sheets had layers that could be locked and named (look to adobe illustrator for inspiration) it would allow much more efficient design and editing of magic sheets. I've asked for this in the past, and I hope it's in development.