alert time in eos


I´m a Cobalt user and thinking of going over to Eos after the discontinues of the cobalt family.

So one of my many questions about Eos is if there is a equal function as the Alert Time in Cobalt and Congo.

I have tired searching for this I'm both the manual and forum and so on....

But this feature may have a different name in Eos than Cobalt. So my searching is without luck.

For those of you who doesn't know what alert time is. It is a feature that records the timing between the go button presses in the cue list.

And than displays it as a countdown the next time you run the cue list. 

A really handy thing for when my colleges are running the show and are not familiar with the show.

Hope this makes sense to you all..

Regards from a Swede in the north.

  • This function is not available on Eos, but is on the list as far as I know.
  • Thanks for the fast reply. Hope ETC will put this in eos as som as possible.
  • The list of things to add is quite long, not sure how far up on the list this is...
  • I will bump this one.

    For a operator that don't have a SM calling the cues and for a good way of handing over a show to another operator Alert times are a god tool. 


  • Stupid question,...
    But what will you do if the dancer is 10 seconds before or the actor is 15 seconds later then the alert time say...?

    If you have a so exact show that you really ever press all cues at an exact time after the cue before, you can solve it with follows and hangs.
    So you must only press one time at the beginn of the show the Go Button...

  • I think the idea is the alert time it to wake the operator up to get ready to press GO if there's a long gap between cues and they are either asleep/bored/on their phone/not aware of how the show runs at that point etc.

    It kind of feels like you might be able to achieve something with a fixture in the control room on a cue follow that lit up a minute before the next cue is expected.

  • What do a Cobalt then do?
    Give a Ringtone or Display blinking?
    Or is there only a "light" flash with the time short before zero...??

    I understand the wish.
    But i not understand why a operator "sleep" during a runing show....

  • The cobalt have a display of the x-fade that start out green, goes yellow and finally red when the countdown is at zero.

    If I have a show and the cue text say "The group in US Left corner" I have no idea when this will happen. it can be 10sec or 7min after the cue before. The allert times is, as Mike A say a warning about how long it's between the cues. if it say 10sec I can keep my hand on the go button, but do it say 5min I maybe don't have to hold it there all 5min. 

    On big shows this maybe isn't that important but I do alot "one off" that have one run thru and then a show. I do not have the time to learn the show and a Alert time do remove some stress when you sit and try to remember when that note you wrote actually will happen.

  • Hmmm, this not a question of the "quality" of note you write?

    Here an example how i work with a Magic Sheet.
    With Cue Notes you can very exact discripte when what will why happen
    CAPITAL Leters marks the exact Cue word from Text or Action an Actor do.
    The Linebrake you can create with Crtl+J

    I must only create one time this Magic Sheet.
    The Text is ever actuell syncron to my PSD.

    If you not wanne do it with a Magic Sheet, you can switch the Cue Note on and say them, show me NEXT Cue Note

    Upper left Box:
    actuell Cue stay at stage
    upper left corner; Cue Number
    green Text; Cue Name
    gray Text; Cue Note
    lower right corner (red number); Cue Time
    lower left corner; Fademark for Transition.

    upper right box: Scene Name

    Lower left box:
    next Cue
    upper left corner; Cue Number
    yellow Text; Cue Name
    gray Text; Cue Note
    S25; Side in Textbook ...what the Actor say.....(discripte WHEN i must press GO)

    lower right box: Scene Name

    Between both big boxes: Timecode (Timecode inactive in this show, but if i work with Timecode i see there the runing time)

  • I do not have the time to write a book, and almost never the knowledge of the show to do so. 

    Programming is often :blue with a spot, then add another spot. More light on the cyc... And so on. Not giving any hints. Then a run thru where someone say now, now, now. And then show witout the person that did know the show. . No time to write a book about what is happening each cue. 

    I respect that you don't need alert Times but it feels like you think the rest of us are lazy or stupid because we want it. I have programmed for about 20years and alert times helped me alot. It is a part of my work flow and it would be nice to have it in eos to. 

  • I not think you be lazy or stupid.
    I program shows since 1985.
    Also often, program it during the run through at 4:00 and the show starts at 8:00
    And i never think about an Option like an alert time, so i never missed it.

    It is possible the work flow with an alert time is better.

    But if a crew want i programm a (unknow) show and i run it, they also must give me the time make correct and exact notes.
    If it is not possible in Light desk, then manual in the textbook they give me.

    So everybody works with his own "style"...

  • I loved the alert time too - it was a great feature  - is it so difficult to program it in EOS?The Thread started 20 months ago......

  • nobody said it was difficult. but there are a lot of people who want new functions in eos, and alert time is just one line on a list that's multiple pages long

  • I want the alert time too !

    And I know my collegues in the Opera want it too.

    That feature was really appreciated in our old system (Prego).

    We've tried some workarounds in eos but so far we haven't found anything useful.

    So please... move this "line" upwards :) if it is not difficult to apply!