Feature request: Global relative TAPs

I know this has been requested years ago . I dont know what is stopping you from implementig it. In a live scenario, I need a way to tap effects and cues *globally*. I know there are ways to do this for one chase, but I really think that this would be a solution that is useful and would serve everyone:

  • 3 or even more different global time-variables. (you'd need about 2 bytes for each, so c'mon..)
  • an easy way on the control surface to tap a selected time-variable or even multiple/all, immediately changing the timing of all effects, cues, whatever that is relative to that time.
  • A snap for the first (or last) tap, so if you retap the time, you're telling that timer what its actual time duration is and where to start the cycle.
  • A way to set each timers cycles (timer1 might have 5 internal steps, timer2 8 etc.)
  • every place, where you can enter a time (hang, follow, effect, fade etc) should also allow a new sytax, instead of h:mm:ss.ds you should also be able to denote something like Time1*8 or Time2/4 meaning "this time is the current actual value of timer 1 multiplicated by 8" or  "this time is the current actual value of timer 2 divided by 4" (if you dont know what that should be used for, please ask *any* musician.
  • Also, you should be able to get cues etc triggered by certain timers cycle positions (Time1 + 5 for 5th position of that timer)

The point here is *relativeness*. Guess you have a chase that will change on every beat, you might also have another chase running that change on every bar (in a 4/4 timing that would be beat*4) and a third effect that shoud move faster and will be triggered twice a beat. In my pseudosyntax, that would be Time 1, Time 1 / 4 and Time 1 * 2. If the band slows down a bit, you just retap and everything is onbeat again.

is isnt rocket science. Please consider.

  • That would be a nice feature but If this cant be done can we make the command

    effect 1 cycle_time copy_to effect 2

    work as expected,   at present it treats that as effect 1 copy_to effect 2

    Then you could use the current BMP tap to set an effect and have a button on your magic sheet to apply to all effects. 

    At present I have to do this using a macro as a variable but therefore have to manually key the BPM of the song in and then run my macro to apply to all effects.