Freezing and Unfreezing Live Effects with Macros

Is there any way for me to make a macro that will freeze all the effects that are running outside of a cue, and then create another macro that resumes the effects that were happening? The effects aren't running on subs. This is for a live music gig. I am running V2.7.4

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  • I think the problem with each of these solution is that if the original question really was to freeze effects that are running outside of cues and not those in cues, then both these options freeze the effect that is running from the cue as well.

    If it was that they meant freeze any effect whether in a cue of not then Freeze is the best way to do it. (I just have that a button next to my Stop All effects button on a magic sheet for busking,  along with an effects rate fader to adjust the speed as needed)