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This is probably a tech support call however I always like to inquire here first to see if anyone has had the same issues with a fix or can point out my errors.

Since upgrading my old ION the clock is always 2 hours behind after shut down and restart. My experience with CMOS bats is the time and date go way bonkers when the bat is bad and not routinely 2 hours behind.

The time zone is set to Pacific since I am Los Angeles.

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  • Hey Jeff! Exit out to the shell and navigate to Settings>Network. Scroll to the very bottom of the screen and make sure Time Service is disabled on your Ion. There's a chance your router is serving as a time server and your console is changing its time to match. 

  • This is strange. I replied from my iPhone and it is not showing on the forum. This has happened before also. So replying now from desktop. Hummm.

    Anyway; Wow. I will certainly look into that. Makes total sense.

    On a side note for Jake or anyone else reading this can you advise if it is a good or bad idea to actually have both consoles; master and back up running with External Time Server running and setting the router to the proper time zone or time and using that to keep both consoles displaying the same time?

  • when trying to figure out a multiconsole problem it would be most helpful if both console had the exact same time because of the time stamps of the events in the log files. so yes, either time synced to each other or time synced to a 3rd device makes a lot of sense.

  • Personally, I'd make one of your consoles a time server and the other a client—assuming there's a way to disable the time server on the router, that is.

  • It's a lot easier to change the time on a console versus the router, which typically requires you to connect a computer to the network and use the router's web interface, remember the correct password, etc...


  • I can see having to change it on the router on tours when time zones change however all my events are in the same zone so would it be the same to do it either way?

    Also if I make one console a Time Server and the other a client would the Time Server still be getting the time from the router, unless I find a way to disable that in the router as Jake said, which means I still have to get into the router anyway?

    And of course if I cannot disable it then pick a better way???

    Not trying to make this any more difficult, just wondering what would be best in my situation.

  • Turn off the time server in the router while you have equipment to do it ie a PC etc to login to the router and some time to figure it out and then as Jake and tdrga have said use one of the consoles to do the time, then you have control over things and aren't going to have run things with the clock off a few minutes as the time on the router has drifted off etc etc.