Updating cues - please help

I am about to walk into a space that has pre-recorded the cues for my show.

The problem is, the red wash that they are providing with LED lights (not sure of make/model) is not a true red.

Is there a way to update all of the cues with the new parameter for red, or am I a sinking ship at this point?

Thanks in advance, I am stressing a little bit here as the red is a pretty important part of the production.

  • Did they use a color palette where they recorded the channels into the cues? If so this is a textbook example of updating this one color palette.

    Or are you looking to replace the "red" channels with other, real red channels?

  • Sadly, they picked a swatch from the Rosco color library.  If that gel were to be used on a conventional light, it would provide a great red.  However, it doesn't mix in the LED correctly.  What I would like to do is just grab all of those LEDs, take out every other color being mixed in and leave only Red at 100%.

    So, I think that I am looking to replace the "red" channels with other, real red channels.

  • I think you would still want to use the channels they used but with a different color, right? Do those channels ever use a different color than red in the show?

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