Help With Updating Ion Console

We are currently on version 2.2.1 and are trying to update to the newest version 2.8.2. I've followed all the instructions online: downloading the .zip file, extracting the .exe file, and putting the .exe file into the root of the flash drive. I would clear the flash drive before copying the .exe to it so that the .exe was the only thing on the drive. I would then plug the flash drive in, go to the general settings in the shell, and click the software upgrade button.

Every time I do this, it says that no installers were found.

I've tried plugging the flash drive into different USB ports on the console, formatting the drive with different file systems, and attempting to update to a different version (2.3.2) rather than going straight to 2.8.2. So far nothing has worked.

Does anybody have any suggestions on what I can do to install the upgrade?

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