More multi parameter fixture questions

Teaching myself the Element. In patching a multi parameter fixture. in my case a K9 Pup: I am successful in patching the address to a channel (for example 11 to 11) I select the fixture from type, and then the console assigns the next 5 channels to the the address. Channels 11 through 16 are assigned to the instrument. According to the K9 manual, I should control intensity with channel 11, I do. That works, but I should be able to control red from channel 12, green from channel 13, etc.  But when I highlight these tombstones and bring them up, nothing changes.  They are also grayed out.

I'm sure there is something somewhere, but the brutal clarity of the ETC manual is preventing me from finding the answer.


  • the confusion is this: a channel (in Eos/ETC lingo) is the number of a fixture. what you're thinking of is Address.

    so you patch channel 11 to the K9 Pup and enter the start address. this means the 5 DMX addresses react now to the different properties of channel 11. the advantage of this is, you don't need to know which address does what within the fixture. you don't need to remember if Intensity is first and then RGB, or is it GBR?. the console will do the work for you. you control Chan 11 Red and the console know what to do.

  • Thank you. I was over thinking it.

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