Non-intensity parameters tracking in to new cue after Go To Cue Out

I'm in Cue Only mode.

[Go To Cue] [Out] resets everything to home

When I record a cue at the end of the cue list, it tracks in non-intensity parameters. Intensity behaves as it should, i.e. records at 0 in the new cue.

[Record] should record the current state of all parameters. If I wanted values the same as in the previous cue, I would have copied the previous cue. The whole reason I did [Go To Cue] [Out] was to reset everything to home so I could record from scratch.

Also, the current behavior has the potential to really screw someone who is unaware of this weakness.

  • That's not a weakness that's expected behaviour.

    The record function records all parameters for each channel that has at least one parameter not at its home position.

    You used GoToCue Out which by definition puts everything back at home. So all channels that you don't explicitly touch after that will not be recorded.

    Since Eos is a tracking move-fade console, the channels that don't receive a new move instruction remain where they are.

  • But why would anyone want that?

  • Because it's consistent behaviour. The more consistent a console is and a less exceptions or special cases there are, the easier it is to understand why your console is behaving the way it is.

    If you actually want to record everything as home value (which without knowing the situation I'm not really sure you actually want), then make it a recordable value. E.g. SelectActive Home Enter Out would do that.

    But of course that would potentially create lots of Live Moves, which might not be what you want...