Magic Sheet Custom Symbols Mac to PC Problem

Recently I opened a show file from my @5 via a flash drive on my Mac Book Pro.  After tinkering with the patch and bringing in some new PNG files for Background Images, everything looked fine.  However, upon opening the file on my Nomad PC, the Background Images are Blank ( with the "X" icon) and many of the custom symbols have been juggled--ie a "mover" icon is now a North/South icon.  The same file reopens fine from the flash drive on the Mac.  I've repeated the steps and had the same result.  

2.8.2 on all machines.


2015 Macbook Pro Nomad (10.14.4 Mojave)

PC Nomad (Lenovo Windows 7)

Kingston FAT 32


  • Would you like to share your showfile so I could have a look ? I usually prepare my showfiles on a Mac and then load them on a console and never had a problem with any magic sheet symbols so far.

    - Matthias

  • Before posting here I did recreate this scenario once.  Alas, I can no longer replicate what happened.  I am not sure why.  But, here are images of the 2 showfiles with what should have been matching Magic Sheet #11.  Fix #948 is a good way to see the problem:  Previously a 2K Softlight; now a tiny map of an imported Floor Plan.  Also, the #505:  Previously a large Mole-Richardson head is now a Kino Flo Image 80 which is retaining the Color attributes of the Mole symbol.  Also

    Like Matthias, I have been importing Mac based files into PCs since EOS Mac support started, with no trouble--it could be the Mac thing is a red herring here.  

    I suppose I'll leave this post up in case someone else sees it down the road.