The visualizer available from the ETC website doesn't work.

I've downloaded the file from


I'm running Eos on my laptop. It's hooked up to a switch, and the switch is hooked up to my desktop computer.

Both computers are running Windows 10.

Both computers have the firewall turned off.


The laptop is in offline w/visualizer mode. I know it's sending SACN because it's outputting from a node.


The file opens, but it won't output anything. I've tried running it on the desktop and the laptop.


I'm guessing that it's due to the fact that the file is 5 years old. I can run a more recent Capture visualization file on the laptop and it works. (It won't work on the desktop because I don't have a good enough graphics card.)


Can we please get a version of the visualizer available for download that works? Preferably one without haze.