TouchOSC and Framing Shutters

How do I set up a control of the framing shutters in TouchOSC? While for other wheels, like pan, it is simply /eos/wheel/pan, but...





don't work.

And it seems, for fixtures with barndoors, those are even different controls (barndoor 1/3/4, wheel 12-15). The numbers 20 to 27 are visible in the diagnostics tab when I modify the frame wheels on the console...

The show control guide isn't helping in that way really. (Though I did modify the EOS_TouchOSC template in other regards successfully so far Slight smile )


  • /eos/wheel/thrust_B

    don't forget you can also make buttons to home a parameter:

    and you can make an encoder to control multiple framing shutters at the same time:
    this will control the thrust of all four framing shutters simultaneously

  • Thanks Ueli(!?),

    that works!

    Now I just need another few commands, hopefully you know them as well?

    - Frame Assembly Rotation (which is of course not the same as angling all shutters at the same time ;)

    - Barndoor Assembly Rotation

    And is there a way I could have read this up on my own? Or is it just not part of the documentation (yet)? At least I can't find the word "thrust" in the EOS manual except explaining the actual function.

  • /eos/wheel/frame_assembly

    those two are easy to find, they are called the same in OSC as on the console. the others are difficult, but usually finding parameter names should be quite straight forward. there is however no list i'm aware of that will show the OSC handle of a parameter