ADJ mega bar split question

I have ADJ mega bars that I'm using for cyc lights. I think they can be controlled in a way that splits the bar up into smaller sections. Say 1/3 of the bar red, 1/3 blue, etc. But when I patch it into my eos digital board I can only control the entire bar. The profile is set at ch 7 (34 channels) and the bar is also set to ch 7. 

I'd love to create an effect that chases color through each of the individual section and make the cyc wall even more colorful at points in my show, but I can't figure out how to program the individual sections. I'm relatively new to lighting, so let me know any suggestions. 


  • if you go back to patch, select the channel, click type and then use the search function to look for American DJ Mega Bar 07 MC you will find another personality. you don't have to change anything on the fixture itself, it stays in 7ch mode. but Eos will now show you not only Channel 1, but also channels 1.1 thru 1.8. so each of your bars has now 8 segments and can be controlled in segments.

    let's say you have 10 mega bars (which equals 80 segments). if you say Chan 1 Thru 8 Effect 917 the effect will run for the full channels (unsegmented), but if you use Chan 1 Thru 8 . Effect 917 ( . will write CellsOnly) the effect will run on the segments.

    unfortunately there is a small problem with the library personality but can fix it yourself. you will see that the cells' intensity is by default at 0, which is wrong. you can change this behaviour by going to Patch, {Fixtures}. use the arrow keys until the fixture type is highlighted (1). now on the right hand side click the button Edit Multicell (2). then click where the (3) is so you get the check mark. then click to save the edited fixture profile (4).

    after changing the personality go back to Live and type GoToCue Out Enter. now everthing should be ready!

  • You are correct! 2.6.4! 

    Two questions now:

    1.How do I update? 

    2. I have a show this weekend, is it going to be easy enough to make the transition from one version to another in that time do you think, or should I wait until after the show and just forgo the multi-cell? 

    Thank you so, so much!

  • the update process itself isn't bad. if everything runs smoothly. which it usually does, but sometimes doesn't. and update always means that something will change. if you have a slot of some hours to update and troubleshoot if need be, plus test everything afterwards, i would update. if not there is something else you can try:

    instead of using 1 channel for each megabar you can use 8. that could look something like this:

    Chan 111 - 118 are your first megabar
    Chan 121 - 128 2nd megabar
    Chan 131 - 138 3rd megabar

    to do this you patch each channel as Generic LED RGBA 8bit channel. that has the same functions as each of your megabars segments.

    but each megabar has a master intensity. that's on address 34 of each fixture. so you could make those your channels

    Chan 110 master dimmer of 1st megabar
    Chan 120 master dimmer of 2nd megabar
    Chan 130 master dimmer of 3rd megabar

    your patch would look like this:

    if you leave the master dimmers (110, 120, 130) at full throughout the whole show you only have to think about the segments.

    make sense?

  • Very much! I'll let you know how it goes! Your help is much appreciated!

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