direct action buttons in ETC


In grandMA I have a direct action buttons, I want to know if its possible to have a direct action buttons in ETC, 


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  • in MA a direct action buttons its a cue or a fx or a color chase you only touch the screen and the content of that button activate and if you touch again the button off, I don't want to use a sub because I only have 20 


  • Hi, this sort of idea of "direct action buttons" from what I can understand can be done from the previous post can be accomplished by writing macros, making presets, color pallets, beam pallets focus pallets etc. Maybe you can accomplish what you're trying to do by making direct selects (rows of buttons that any content can be assigned to) or you can use the fader page in eos to get more faders or you could make a magic sheet and use macros. Long story short, you should watch the eos training video for direct selects and other training videos: and there are many more videos on how to create content for direct selects such as  macros, presets, color pallets, beam pallets focus pallets all on the ETC youtube channel. Also, if you want a solution for more subs you can simply add a new tab in eos and select faders. This will give you extra row of faders as if you were to use a fader wing. You can simply load any sub of your choice onto these virtual faders.  Hope that this helps -- Sam

  • The little problem is, you can`t toggle with DS.
    If you start an FX -for example- you can`t stop this FX with a second press on same DS knob.

  • but a virtual fader on screen with a go button set to hold. press, fader go up. press once more and fader go down. I guess you even can make only go buttons in Magic Sheet, so you don't have to see the fader and the rest of the buttons.

  • What I think gets misunderstood when people swap between MA and EOS is that on MA you are really always working using magic sheets,  ie you pretty much create your user interface yourself.

    So to do the things you do on MA you need to be thinking Magic Sheets.  If you do it with a magic sheet you can get a direct equivalent of an action button but it is a little bit tedious to set up as you need a pair of macros,  If you can instead cope with having a start and stop button next to each other then its really easy,  just set the the first button to say Effect 100 and the second to Command and type in as the command Effect 100 at [enter]

    If you really want the single button then you need to create the macros

    macro 200 as Effect 100 Enter Macro 300 Copy_To 100 Enter Enter

    macro 300 as Effect 100 at Enter Macros 200 Copy_To 100 Enter Enter

    Then copy Macro 200 to 100 and assign Macro 100 to the button on the Magic Sheet.

    Then when you click it will do Effect 100 Enter and setup the button so next click does Effect 100 at Enter