How to set up raw MIDI input from keyboard/pad controller into Nomad

I can't for the life of me figure out how to get raw midi notes to trigger commands in EOS family software. I am relatively new to this, so maybe I'm just missing something.

I'm just using ETCnomad on a mac running high sierra. The MIDI controller is plugged in via USB and I have the USB-MIDI option set to "ENABLED" in the settings. The Mac is able to read MIDI data from the controller according to the "Audio MIDI Setup" application. But I'm not sure how to manipulate the MIDI in the software. I've seen stuff on this forum about needing to set up "MIDI String configuration display" in settings, but don't see any options for this. Is that available on Nomad?

Thanks in advance

  • For each note that should do something you need to create an event. Those love in the show control tab.

    First create an event list of the type Network.

    Then within this event list you create events, define the MIDI input and the action connected to it.

    There is also a tab called Diagnostic, that lets you see if Eos receives the notes. This can help you troubleshoot. To open it keep the Tab key pressed, type 99 and the key the Tab key go.