Pixel Mapping LED Tape

Hi There,

I am working on a pixel map setup with LED Tape and have successfully patched and set up the layout. I am mostly using it to make gradients using the effect layers with a movement of 0. I then record each gradient to a cue in order to fade smoothly between them - and that is where my problem starts. The lights seem very choppy when fading between the different gradients I have recorded. It’s almost like the content is grainy or something. My pixel map is a large L shape - a single line of 200 pixels x 50 pixels, and I up the content to almost 400 pixels wide to be able to move it across my pixel map with pan/tilt.

- I’m thinking I may have made the content too large and it can’t be this many pixels, but it doesn’t seem very grainy on the preview, so I’m not sure.

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  • Almost all LED tape (and your media) is 8 bit, so 16bit probably isn't even an option anyway.

    It sounds more like a refresh rate problem. How many RGB chips are on each 'run' of LED tape?

    Most types of LED tape can only update a fixed number of "pixels per second" on a given decoder output.
    - So a run of 200 LEDs refreshes at half the rate of a run of 100.