Profile Color Selection Problem

A new profile was made for a simple moving head. Apart from Pan, Tilt and Intensity it has a 'split' channel whereby White is 0-9, Red 10-9, Green 20-29 and so on. In my moving light control screen I can see and use the intensity and P&T. To their right is a little panel (table) with all the colors in the profile listed. But its stuck on white! I can't click in say red or green. Back in the Tombstone display I can enter a value in the color field to change the color.  

Parents Reply
  • I made 16bit Pan and tilts and 0<>255 channel to control P&T speed. I called it "Position Speed" for lack of anything better. Similar for strobe address. The colors for this device come out of a single address sub range (spilt?) So I entered 0 > 9 for white, 10 > 19 Red and so on. See picture. I used user 0 > 100 for each. not sure why!