Submaster Upon Power Up

In the theater I work in we are going to start using Irfr to control the lights from downstairs and we are going to have our lighting console (an element 1) be on auto power up so we can power it up from downstairs. We also have all of our dmx fixtures plugged into the dimmer rack and have a submaster on the element to bring all of those dimmers up on one slider. Is there any way to have that slider automatically go up when the console is powered up?

  • If you are going to use a irfr tablet to control your lights couldn't you use that to bring up the slider (submaster?) Or if you want that physically up when the board is turned on couldn't you leave it up when you turn the board off? 

  • If it's always one of your showfiles that's loaded on the consoles you can use a startup macro. Maybe instead of Sub 1 @ Full Enter, use Sub 1 @ Full Sneak Time 10 Enter as to not trip your mains.

    You would have to make sure that everybody checks the lights after switching on the console so you don't burn the place down if a light got bumped and points at a drape at very short distance...