Give multiple channels different time's in a Q

Hello everybody,

I have a question. I am programming a Q-list and I was wondering if it's possible to give a few channels an other time than other channels in the same Q? For example: I would like to have channel 1 thru 10 go to 100% intensity in Q 1, But channel 1 thru 5 have to do that in 5 seconds and 6 thru 10 in 10 seconds.

Thanks a lot!

  • there are two ways, discrete times and cue parts. discrete times are quicker at first glance but have disadvantages when it comes to editing and to seeing information quickly.

    discrete time: record cue 1 in 5 seconds, then type Chan 6 Thru 10 Time 10 Enter (you will see a tiny red t for each channel), Update Enter (you will see a tiny blue t for each channel and a + in the PSD next to the intensity time of Q1)

    cue parts: record cue 1 in 5 seconds, then type Chan 6 Thru 10 Record Part 2 Time 10 Enter (PSD will no show a line for Q1, a line for P1 (P=Part) and a line for P2.

    both ways achieve the same thing. but the advantage of a cue part is that you will see in the PSD not only *that* there are different sets of time, but also *what* time they have. and you can label the parts (recommended!). and finally when you need to change everything that went in 10 seconds to 12 seconds you can type Cue 1 Part 2 Time 12 Enter, instead of searching the information, selecting all the channels, changing the time and then updating the information.

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