{By Type}

Still some confusion here. I read; "{By Type} allows you to record one channel of a particular fixture type in the Palette/Preset which it will apply to all the fixtures that are of the same type (only). Then, when you apply it, they all come out the same rather than you having to copy channels across several lamps to duplicate the color."

Hmm! Why would a record of any one channel be of use to me. Using a regular Palette I can record the R, G, B, W, A levels to save a preferred color I can call back. It also begs the question what if my color channel wasn't the first in the fixture's profile?

  • you're confusiing channel, parameter and address.

    every "box" that outputs light is a channel. no matter if it can only do intensity or if it has many fancy functions it is still a channel.

    so Channel 1 is the object that's patched to the channel number one. it is NOT one of the addresses or one of the parameters that a light might have

  • I thought I had this stuff under control but! Thanks for the reminder it makes more sense now.

  • Ueliriegg is dead on, as usual. Color is set in an abstract model that can be transfered to a new fixture profile.

    Perhaps an example will help with seeing how it all works.

    I have a 'template' file that is used to start most new shows. It has effects, macros, subs Magic Sheets and By Type Color Palettes. In fact I recorded a CP for all the 'standard' colors, R@100, G@100, B@100, R&G, G&B, B&R and those between in 100, 50, 25% saturation, a nice even choice of colors across the basic range. I did this because I want MS buttons and/or Direct Selects for those colors. CP1 is my favorite version of White.

    So I patched one of each fixture type I've ever run into (well almost ever.) BTW, they are in very high channel numbers and patched in very high universes, just to keep them out of the way. To be honest I'm not sure they need an address at all. I also use a home preset for all these as I like a home color of black. (Feel free to ask if that sounds weird, it's a whole other discussion!) 

    So when starting a new show I copy the relevant dummy channels to the show channels and I have half my show built. Add any new fixtures and the most mundane work is done. I can run a simple speaker or solo music event with just that much.

    Without ByType I'd have to spend more time setting values for individual fixtures. If a color looks bad, then I just tweak the CP for the dummy channel and everyone gets the update. I can always build show palettes for particular looks, but they never transfer to a new show.

  • He certainly is. As a newbie I sometimes cringe when posting what are - to those who do this for a living - pretty dumb questions and the {By Type} description in the manual just lost me. But with some really good replies I now feel I understand the concept and operation of {By Type}. I've added your notes to my desk book for merging in with other stuff. Thank you