I am trying to patch an external Controller using sACN.  I am not having any luck with it connecting or being found.  So my EOS  system is set up for 10 universes on NET3 gateways.  The LED controller that I am trying to connect does not show up even though I have gone into the settings on the device and set it for universe 11.  This device is using an IP address which I have set to be in the same network as the EOS Ti. ( Eos; LED Controller).  In looking at the sACN Viewer the Ip address in universe 11 is the same as the light board.  In looking at the gateways the same thing is true.  However if i go back out to the maintenance and the concert software I see that the IP addresses are all different for the various gateways but ultimately the first three sections of the IP are the same but the fourth its different.  

Do I need to do something different with the eos or the controller device that may allow then two to talk?

Thanks for any help, and  sorry I'm dangerous when it comes to talking network stuff.

  • what exactly are you trying to do? i'm a bit confused regarding what your system is supposed to do.

    is the LED Controller a device that should receive sACN and translate it to some protocol to control LEDs?

    or is the LED Controller a lighting console itself that should be able to control universes 1 thru 10 just like eos?

  • Thanks for the question. Let me clarify if I can.  I am trying to use the EOS to control an LED Controller (Alphapix 16 controller).  This controller is in my mind now a device that is set to receive DMX over sACN.  The controller or device  is set to output dmx to universe 11 starting with output 1.  The device or controller is connected as I mentioned over a network to the light board.  The EOS is to be the overall controller.  Both o these units are on the same network.

    Does that answer your question?

  • yes it does (just to be picky, i think you want to say "the controller or device is set to output DMX *from* universe 11 with output 1.

    if the information i'm finding online is correct, you will not be able to make this controller read sACN from Eos. sACN comes with two different network technologies: Unicast and Multicast. Multicast is a little bit harder to implement for the manufacturer but is the only one that makes use of the biiig advantage of sACN over other protocols and that's how efficient it can communicate in a network. Unicast is simpler to implement, but doesn't use this clever multicast method.

    Eos can only output Multicast sACN (which is what probably 90% of sACN devices do. your controller only understands Unicast sACN.

    you should be able to change your controller from expecting sACN input to expecting ArtNet input. that's a protocol you can also activate in Eos. watch out: ArtNet comes with an offset of 1, because ArtNet starts counting at 0. so depending on the implementation in the controller you might need to set it to listen to universe "10", but in Eos keep sending to universe 11.

  • Thanks for this information. As soon as I changed the Device to Artnet I noticed a change. In my LED Tune went from being locked on to off.  Which gives me a glimmer of hope.  I am going to try to rebuild the fixture to hopefully get this to confirm that it works.

  • don't forget to activate ArtNet in the shell. and also in Patch, for the respective channels set the Interface to ArtNet